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Office no 1 A & 1 C , Surya Co-Op Housing Society , Patil Complex Z Type ,   Sno 31 / A , Aundh Road , In Between Muncipal Hospital and Aundh Road Post Office , Pune 411020 , Maharashtra State , India Pin 411020


1. Our Professionals Fees are as follows :-

a. Rental / Lease of Residential and / or commercial property : Two months rent or monthly compensation or license fees whichever is applicable. FOR Renewal of Leave / Leave and License After the term of 11 months is over  PLEASE NOTE We charge 30 days Rent for Renewing the Lease / Leave and License Agreement, As if we give the same property to a new prospect we earn 2 Months compensation as Service Charges. This discount is given as you are a Repeat client of us and occupying the Same premises.

b. Sale or Purchase of Residential or commercial property : 2 % of the total sale / purchase price of the property from the Seller and Purchaser individually if we represent both the Parties ( Purchaser And Seller ).

2. Mode of Payment : Our fees are to be paid by way of cheque or draft, Drawn on ConneXtions Realtors payable at Pune. The payments are to be made within seven days of the finalisation of the deals , or on day of registration if Sale / purchase is applicable or in rentals at the time of agreement. We do not accept part payments. Service Charges of 12.24 % is levied on all transactions.

3 Please do not negotiate on Brokerage / Service Charges / Commission . It's  better if any problems in payment to discuss before actual deal or seeing the premises or finalisation, We are open for negotiations, Some companies have Discounted rates in Service charges , Please Check with your HR / Admin Department  , if they have a tie up for Discounted Service Charges.

If your company does not have a Official TIE up with our Company , please ask your HR or ADMIN to have a Official Agent Tie up for discounted Rates ( It is not mandatory for your Company to keep us only only as their Official agents in thier HR List , they can have all the Company Preferred Brokers which they are comfortable to deal with).  

4. Once a property has been shown to a client by us or any of our authorised representative and has been finalised, our professional fees are to be paid irrespective of, whether the finalisation of the property has been done through any other broker, agencies, persons direct or indirect  or direct discussions with the owner or any third party negotiations.

Please Note: Do not Discuss the properties shown to you bu our company to any other person / agents , who can directly or indirectly take advantage of our Property Listing / Database. Please Follow the Ethics when dealing with us.

5 If the property to be shown by us is already seen by yourself through any other broker, agencies, persons direct or indirect  , please inform us before entering the flat / Real estate / property / the  building , after site visit your claim of seeing the site earlier will be invalid , if that case clause no 4 is applicable , as in this case both the agents will claim for the commission / Service Charges.

4. All negotiations and procedures between the two concerned parties would be carried out in the presence of our representative, unless mutually agreed upon in writing by M/s ConneXtions Realtors.

5. All legal expenses pertaining to the deal shall be borne by the clients. You can take our Legal services as we have a separate Legal Department , and the fees will be separate as applicable apart from Brokerage / Service Charges / Commission.

6 Please Inform us about the properties and agents dealing with in advance so that , we do not waste our mutual time in showing the same properties which already you must have seen.

7 We are transparent with our clients and we expect the same with our clients , as we keep business ethical relations for life with a Client .

8. Before Inspecting the Property you have to Sign a letter of Intent (LOI) with us. And all properties Inspected by yourself and your family is recorded in our Office and you have to acknowledge the Property Inspection Form for each property Inspected by yourself and LOI.

9. The property Taken yourself for personal and Company Lease / Leave and License , the details of Owner , Care Taker will not be disclosed to any person / persons / agents / any members who will take advantage of the Property Listing. Any one Asks you for Owner Information and Contacts have to be referred to us by yourself and your family members. Please Take Care that your Company HR / ADMIN also Does not Leak out the Owner Details and try to contact the Owner Directly, which will lead us to Losses and you will be held responsible for this act And what ever Loss ConneXtions Realtors will be Billed on you . Please Do not Circulate your Owners contact details  on any places Like Bulletin Boards (BB) or help your Friends to get in touch with Owner Directly as this will lead us into losses, for this Action you will be Responsible to pay us the brokerage.

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